Promise me someone, that the Olympic Games will soon be over.

It can’t go on much longer, can it?


  1. I was just thinking what a wonderful thing iplayer is during Olympic season.
    A full hour of uninterrupted dressage… And the one horse I took an immediate liking to behaving just like mine used to (beautiful before hand, dreadful in the ring).

    Just talking myself out of watching the gymnastics before bedtime.

  2. David |Dah • veed| says

    Kelvin, the just started on Friday! I think they last 2 weeks.

  3. its only just started – and its wonderful!

  4. Muriel says

    The bad news is that the Olympic Games will (and indeed MUST) last for another enthralling 12 days. You could take your mind off the games by diverting to grouse shooting on some rain-soaked moor in Perthshire, wearing plus fours and gaiters (this would be worth a picture). It all starts today, the 12th, so don’t miss it. Hope it pours.
    I will try to stop the games, however, if you will try to stop grouse shooting (plus pheasant shooting and deer shooting).
    Is that a promise?

  5. I’ve never tried grouse.

    I like venison however. I tend to associate venison on the hoof with my ministry in Bridge of Allan where the deer could often be seen in the gardens of members of my congregation helping themselves to delicate snacks which were planted especially for them.

    As for pheasant, in my curacy, it was not unknown for me to receive pheasant as a gift. Oven ready too. You don’t get that from a congregation in Great Western Road.

  6. I love the Olympic Games you get to do so much more while the telly is off like listening to some great music or doing absolutely nothing which I highly recommend
    forget what else I was going to say as can’t get picture of Kelvin in plus foursand gaiters (with cope )out of my head!

  7. Robin says

    They’re utterly ghastly and excruciatingly boring. Sport has always seemed pointless to me!

  8. I heard on the radio yesterday that in Italy some priests have set up an inflatable Church to make sure people on holiday don’t miss out Good idea? sorry about the cope didn’t mean any disrespect but usually only see you with vestments so that is how I picture you

  9. Dreadful things, the Olympics, where people from Englandshire forget that it’s supposed to be Team GB. How I laughed when I heard our first gold was won by a Welsh lassie!

  10. You don’t get pheasant from a congregation in G.W.R? Sounds like a challenge to me! Hope you’ve got a big deep freeze. Knowing St Mary’s congregation you could be up to your neck in the things by Sunday. Now there’s a picture!

  11. I think we had better establish some pheasant groundrules.

    All pheasant offered to clergy in St Mary’s to be killed in Great Western Road or G12 area and hand prepared in accordance with the Cathedral Health and Safety with Food Policy.

    All such gifts gratefully accepted.

    I know of one Episcopal congregation in the St Andrews diocese which still has a pheasant and holly sale in December for church funds. I always thought this was pretty classy.

  12. Take heart Kelvin – in the next few years you will have the opportunity to enjoy the Winter Olympics from Vancouver in 2010, the Summer Olympics from London in 2012, and then the Commonwealth Games from Glasgow in 2014.

  13. The thing about big-sporting-events is that the soaps are their first scheduling victims.

    There I am, settling down (gin in hand) to watch ‘Eastenders’, only to be presented with a vision of scantily clad young men diving into swimming pools!

    I nearly choked on an ice-cube.

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