Are the podcasts working?

I wonder whether there is anyone reading this who has an ipod and an iTunes Store account. I’ve put up two nascent podcasts one for audio and the other for video. I need someone to check out whether they are working.

If you can help me test this out before announcing it on the church website, could you go to the iTunes Store and search for St Mary’s Cathedral, Glasgow (or some similar combination) and see if they are listed under the podcasts section? It should be easy to subscribe from there.

All content free, of course.


  1. Yes, both working for me. I have a tiny Kelvin in the corner of my iTunes window.

  2. Mary-Cate says

    Both audio and video download to my iTunes and the audio downloads/works well on my somewhat ancient 20G iPod.

  3. Podcasts downloaded and played on the laptop without any problems. Have not tried them on an iPod though.

  4. David |Dah • veed| says

    Currently the iTunes Store will not let me subscribe to any of the three podcasts listed. Is it limited to Scotland or the UK?

  5. David, they are not limited to Scotland or the UK.

    There are also only two podcast streams.

    Specifically, they can be found here and here.

    Anyone else having trouble? Or anyone else from outside the UK able to confirm a subscription?

  6. Gordon says

    Can’t I even escape to my Ipod!

    Audio podcast great but the video is a bit big (can it be compressed?

  7. Podcasts works here (in godforsaken lennoxown, which suprisingly still has broadband).

  8. David |Dah • veed| says

    I can see three video podcasts;
    Interview with Gene Robinson
    Sermon 10 July
    Sermon Gene Robinson

    and three audio podcasts;
    Sermon 1 July
    Sermon 6 July
    Sermon 27 July

    None will let me subscribe. Is it perhaps limited to the UK iTunes Store? I am hooked to the USA Store usually, because I have purchased things for years with a USA bankcard.

  9. David |Dah • veed| says

    Ok, I tracked down the problem. Podcasts were disabled under the Parental Controls in the Preferences. My computer illiterate parents must have snuck into town and down that!

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