What are you listening to?

Oh, thank you for asking.

Actually, I’m listening to just about everything, having just joined the iPodded masses and so feeding CDs into the computer all the time to turn them into MP3s so that I can listen to them everywhere.

Particular things that I’ve rediscovered that I’ve not listened to for a while are:

Dolly Parton – Halos and Horns. (Especially that delirious bluegrass version of Stairway to Heaven).

Maddy Prior and Tim Hart – Summer Solstice. (Remembering the time when I live not where I love was one of my party pieces).

Alilo – Ancient Georgian Choales by the Rustavi Choir. (Its hard to know what to think or do about Georgia but praying along with this is a start and the music is glorious).

Wagner’s Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg. (Isn’t the overture just exactly what you want to listen to as the bus carries you through Maryhill?)

k d lang – Ingénue. (Because I’m a sister at heart, no?)

How about you?


  1. Ah but Kelvin you are not creating MP3 files – iTunes create MP4 files (i think MP4b now), which are not compatible with other MP3 players unfortunately.

    No doubt some techno-geek out there will explain the differences.


    PS – Why not add a graphic to you iTunes Sermon files that you are making available.

  2. Oh no Stewart. Forgive me for being geekier than thou, but MP3 files are exactly what I’m transferring onto my iPod. The iPod plays them, but iTunes makes something else unless you tell it otherwise.

    Otherwise is what I told it to do.

  3. Dolly Parton and kd lang!? And to think I give myself a hard time for stereotypically liking Scissor Sisters and Kylie 😉

  4. I was just going to make an inane comment about how I love “Ingenue” too, but I have just read the two comments before this one and I think my head is going to explode. I think I need to lie down, and think girlie thoughts about knitting or something.

  5. Now Jackie, you do know that I can knit better than I can sew, don’t you?

    Ryan, Kylie doesn’t do it for me. Jake Shears though – now you’re bopping.

  6. thanks Kelvin – I am nowhere as Geeky as you. I have now gone onto iTunes as found the option (which I had not realised existed) to convert to MP3 files.

  7. To answer Kelvin’s original question – I am currently listening to and compiling a playlist of 1970’s hits. This is for a Classic Car Show weekend after next when car occupants are asked to dress in clothing typical of the era when the car was built. We have gone one step further to have 1970’s music coming out of the sound system.

    My favourite out of the playlist – January by Pilot – it was the first 7″ single I ever bought.

  8. Personally I like U2, which is a good a answer to the pervasive “why do you go to St.Silas” question as any 🙂

  9. Alfred Deller singing songs from Shakespeare – a remastering of an old disc. My first counter-tenor, and still amazing.

  10. Getting really turned on having rediscovered Runrig in my collection. Straight into the iPod!

  11. Robin says

    Runrig! That reminds me of the years when Fr Emsley Nimmo was my parish priest and it was blasting out in the background every time I ‘phoned the rectory!

  12. Emsley and I went to Coates Hall together, Robin, and sang teuchter songs together as The Kyries, rather than The Corries! And Lor Have Mercy on those who listened to us!

  13. don’t have ipod but you can’t beat Vivaldi’s Gloria blasting out in your car as you drive about almost as good as Dolly Parton who is fab but I must confess to also listening to Neil Diammond ,James Blunt and Harry Chapin Try some Gregorian chants

  14. John Penman says

    kd and kylie? I’m just old fashioned and have Doris Day on the car stereo!

  15. Thomas G says

    I am listening to some Nat King Cole and Mary O’Hara songs. I wonder whatever happened to Mary? Certainly long overdue for more recognition as one of Scotland’s greatest folk singers.

  16. listening to Allegri’s Miserere exquisite- just wish I had Robert Preston singing”” Iwon’t bring roses to listen to next or any other show tunes as misplaced cds

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