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This week’s sermon is now posted on the preaching page.

I filmed John Riches from a different pillar to that from which Caroline was filmed last week. I think the one of Caroline looks better. The stained glass adds more backlighting than I had expected. Some bright spark this week suggested that I film the whole thing upside down (to get a better angle) and then just “flip the video the right way up in the computer later”.

Does anyone know how long it can take a computer to flip 12 minutes of high definition video the other way up? The answer is about four hours. My thanks to Bright Spark for the idea, however, experience, as so often, lends wisdom.


  1. Oh well – you win some, some you don’t

  2. Liked having the gospel first. Having the camera on the speaker did give a reasonable volume during the gospel reading.

    Backlighting is always a challenge without sufficient balancing front lighting. From the other side appears to work better.

    If memory serves me on the 10th August you tried a second camera further to the right of the preacher – did the picture quality work any better there or was the backlighting not right?

  3. Shooting from the windowsill produced a rather sideways angle. The backlighing was not so bad but the audio was much worse.

    Presumably those who sit in the North Aisle do so in order that they can neither see nor hear the sermon. I wonder sometimes what they are getting up to there.

  4. 😉

    Come and join us one Sunday morning when you are not dressing up. You will then see what we get up to.

  5. No point. I could never know whether behaviour when I was there was the same as behaviour when I was not.

  6. 😉

    Then it will have to remain a mystery to you.

  7. You could use your new found technological expertise to secretely tape and video them.

  8. David |Dah • veed| says

    Well, Kelvin, if they can neither see not hear, my guess would be that they are using the time to meditate upon the inside of their eyelids!

    Ryan, that smacks too much of church as Big Brother! Not a welcome thought with all the other unpleasantness currently rampant in the Communion.

  9. David |Dah • veed| says

    PS, Kelvin, was the four hours running quietly in the background, or was the computer mostly useless until the process completed?

  10. The processing was going on for four hours in the background. The quad core processor kept other things going in the foreground.

  11. David |Dah • veed| says

    Uh, wu, wu, quad-core processor! I have but a dual-core!

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