Newsletter published

Words from newsletter graphic

I’ve just published the St Mary’s Newsletter for September. You can read it here or sign up to receive it automatically here.

A tip of  the biretta to Mother Dunoon for the link to wordle


  1. Just by looking, I can tell you have greater discipline than I do. I’d have kept playing with permutations till the ‘St’ was to the left of ‘Mary’s’.

    ‘Jesus place’ is quite good.

    ‘available cathedral now’ and ‘next bishop’ might be bit alarming for some.

    ooh, I also like ‘format Anglican Provost’.

  2. For readers of the newsletter (and website, last I looked), please note so’s to prevent possible disappointment on a Thursday morning, that the Mass STARTS at 11.00am, thus FINISHING about 11.30am…….. (do come along – and join us afterwards for a coffee !)

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