Another advert

Whilst I’m on about advertising, take a look at this one, which is doing the rounds in California at the moment.


Rather good, no?


  1. Eamonn says

    Yes, excellent. And much-needed, given the implications of Proposition 8.

  2. Aw, that was lovely. Brought a tear to my eye.

  3. Really sweet and effective.

  4. Graham Smith says

    But Kevin, as a Provost, aren’t you supposed to know the difference between agape, phileo and eros?

    > Rather good, no?

    Well, No. It’s definitely wrong to take a passage of scripture out of context and deliberately misapply it, as the producer of this video has done.

    In 1 Corinthians 1, Paul was not talking about a human love between humankind; he was writing about something divine – so you could substitute the English word ‘love’ in chapter 13 with ‘love of God’ or ‘divine love’, both of which better convey the meaning of the greek work agape that Paul uses.

    I, like so many Christians, am being torn apart by my divine love for many good friends of the homosexual persuasion (some of whom have deliberately chosen to live celebate lives, pleasing to God: without doubt they will get their reward in heaven) and my desire to see them enjoy the trust and friendship that arises from a lifelong faithful relationship.

    The actions of a small number of ordained ministers, who seem to be wanting promote homosexual lifestyles as some sort of “pretended marriage” and who, as this video demonstrates, are not above a bit of deliberate misrepresentation of what the Bible says in promoting their agenda, is really not helping any of us. Indeed, such actions simply deepen wounds and encourage individuals to take up the sort of dishonourable polarised positions that prevent open and free prayer and discussion from uniting us in brotherly and divine love.

  5. Graham Smith says

    > In 1 Corinthians 1, Paul…

    Oops. Meant to be referring to 1 Corinthians 13. Apologies.

  6. Kelvin says

    Presumably then Graham, you think that 1 Corinthians 13 is an inappropriate choice of Bible reading for a wedding. (Unless the couple really mean by choosing it, to speak of their love for God which I think would be pretty rare). Presumably you think that is to take it completely out of context and misapply it.

    Be assured that I’ve never wanted to promote any kind of lifestyle – I just think that committed love between people of the same sex can be as illuminating of all the promises of God as committed love between a straight couple can be.

    Oh, and we’re not after pretend marriage, by the way. We’re aiming for the real thing, which is what this ad is all about.

    Equal marriage will come in California. It will come here too. Christians will work alongside people of other faiths and no faith to bring it in. I’m committed to such things largely though being inspired by the God whom I’ve got to know through the Bible and through my own relationship with Jesus. However, I’m happy to work with others who share my values.

  7. Robin says

    Graham, once my views were the same as yours, or even stricter. Now, however, the whole thing just seems *silly* – like the prohibitions on shellfish or on women speaking in church that nobody nowadays would dream of taking seriously for a minute.

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