Group dynamics

Just back in after a fruitful day spent at St Mary’s as part of our Mission 21 group. (There is quite a good description of Mission 21 on the Edinburgh Diocesan website for anyone who does not know what it is about).

As a group, we have journeyed a long way together. The fruits of that pilgrimage are now showing themselves very clearly. I came away from today with a sense that some of shared responsibility for the next stages of congregational development. Part of our moving forwards will be to clarify and organize better a lot of the good things that we already do.

It is always satisfying being part of a group that has gelled well and begun to work together. We’ve almost got to the end of our process and there is a funny combination of feelings at work. Satisfaction that it is going so well leads to both a regret that it might soon be over and also an eagerness to put it to rest and get on with what has to be done.

Much of the success of this group is down the the sheer hard work of Marion Chatterley who has been our facilitator for the last nine months or so. Working with groups on church development and growth is something that I like doing myself which makes me quite picky about working with other people. I always knew that Marion was good with groups and that has been very evident as we have worked together.

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