Sites that have been linking here

Here is a quick round up of sites that have linked here recently.


  1. I’m ‘Mimanifesto’ Kelvin, and we’ve shaken hands on high days and holidays, so to speak. I’m a fan of many things about you – your stance over Bishop Robinson, your support of LGBT folk – I’ve written on this subject myself.. and

    Your efforts to become a true digital native…

    and of course the wonderful music in your Cathedral, particularly in having someone who knows how an organ should be played !

    Keep up the great work..


  2. Cool. In fairness, isn’t the sun better than in once was? Am sure I heard that they did a supportive headline when Sir Elton John married David Furnish.

  3. Barbara says

    Greetings from Denmark! We just went ‘live’ to the students a few weeks ago so ‘the WE blog team’ are very happy to get spotted.

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