Knitting Group

The details of the first meeting of the St Mary’s Knitting Group will be announced tomorrow.

Opinion is divided as to what it should be called.

Should it be the Knitting Madonnas or should it be styled Knitting You, Knitting Me?

It is fairly obvious who our patron is going to be, isn’t it?


  1. Intriguing…….

    While the announcement be “hidden” within the sermon, or at during the concluding notices.

  2. Who is the knitter in the picture? Looks as fed up as I would be if I knat…

  3. She is the Holy, Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Our Lord. And she is not smiling to the camera because she is doing something quite complicated, trying to make even decreases to a neck which she is circular knitting over four double-pointed pins.

    She is not fed up, she is rather smug about her achievement. Indeed Chris, she is looking about as smug as you would do if you knat.

  4. John Penman says

    Our Lady of Treadneedle Street, obviously! Well the bank of England has been in need of the Mother’s intercession of late!

  5. “purls of great price”

  6. How about “Knit and Natter” ??

  7. very nice
    you are doing a great job

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