How bad can it get?

This dreary sentence appeared today in my Facebook Profile:

“Last week you were viewed for dating 2 times and no people expressed interest in you.”

How bad can it get?


  1. but that’s only facebook…

  2. Are you sure it was a genuine facebook application and not one of those “your friends have a crush on you (you have 2 messages” ones? Not sure how facebook would know why people were reading your profile anyway.

  3. Indeed – having spent nearly a lifetime (until the last few years) of virtually no dating action whatsoever, I have had more notifications of people having crushes on me since joining facebook than I knew people existed.

    I have also been the 999,999th visitor to sites and so eligible for megabucks prizes so many times I could probably afford to retire on the proceeds of my winnings.

  4. So, just to recap, yesterday I found out that no-one was interested in me and thought things were bad.

    Today I find that Ryan and Jackie have all this experience of being notified that people have crushes on them.

    And do they share this information in order to soothe a heart of sorrow?


  5. Come now, Kelvin, you have an entire congregation to aid your quest for romance which is surely much better than mere Facebook. Plus don’t the Scottish Episcopal Church have a press office or something that could help you in this regard? I’m sure a man with your way with words could easily craft a beguiling personal ad.

  6. I think the question of my writing a personals ad was dealt with pretty well in this sermon.

  7. I’m guessing, without clicking, that said sermon is the “own house and Cathedral. Seeks similar” one? The charm of this surely proves my point on your eligible batchelor status, and the probable impressive response that better advertising this status would yield.

  8. Ah Ryan

    I’m not so sure that chasing romance in that way is the best way to find it in any case.

    Much more likely to creep up on one at an unexpected moment.

  9. and not from within the congregation…

    (so actually, the more attractive gay men turn up at the cathederal, the worse your odds. You really need to start sending them away.)

  10. I concur with Kimberly. You should send them to St.Silas.

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