Crossing the River

Just back from St Margaret’s, Newlands where there were splendid celebrations to mark the 100th anniversary of their church. Music was sung, friends from Gothenberg were there, festive nibbles were on hand and the Rector is even growing his hair back in celebration of the anniversary.

There was a string quartet, though sadly their famous piano blanche was discretely shielded from view.

It was lovely to be there and share with them. St Margaret’s is a very beautiful church full of lovely people.

And I’m home, having crossed the water twice in the same day without getting my feet wet. This feat was achieved following my discovery of some useful tips from Joshua Chapter 3.


  1. Is Joshua Chapter 3 the one that mentions the Glasgow Underground, or the one relating to Pollokshaws West station?

  2. DampDoris says

    ……so are these priests, bearing the Ark of the Covenant, still tramping around Glasgow, or did they, too, have a destination in mind ? Most fortuitous they met you in your moment of need (Presumably they will not be lodging on the banks of the Clyde on a dull and dismal dricht day like today……….and if they are, hope you’ll take them some warm blankets and fortifying broth on your next trip to cross the water…….)
    PS. And are these still the same guys that knew Joshua ?
    PPS. Or did I miss a deeper link, bridging the diolemma ?

  3. Kelvin says

    Actually, although I had made plans for a procession of priests carrying the Ark of the Covenant to get me over the river, when I got to the riverbank, I was amazed to find that someone had built a bridge.

  4. Had not realised this was your reason for crossing the river. I well remember the 75th anniversary of the dedication festival.

    It had not occured to me that the centenary had come round so quickly. Happy memories of growing up.

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