Prop 8 – The Musical

My grateful thanks to Colin for alerting us to this important piece of musical theatre.


  1. Oh can we do one. can we? Let’s do an SEC musical!

  2. There was a moment during my training for ministry when the then principal of TISEC suggested that we should put on a performance of the Mikado in order to boost morale. I was rather enthusiastic about this project and began to cast the three little maids from school almost immediately.

    Unfortunately, it was one of those TISEC aspirations which never came to pass.

  3. Casting the maids is never a problem.

    It is also perfectly obvious who should be Poobah.

    I do think synod dinner needs sketches. Or perhaps a little something for the provincial conference…

  4. Fr Dougal says

    Agree – but perhaps a Synod panto would work best?

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