I seem to have been spared

It would appear that I am spared. The virus that laid me low last week has not beaten me.

There seems to have been a lot of people who have been sick with various bugs over the last few weeks. It is good to be feeling better.

I’ve been picking up work fairly gently over the last couple of days. I’ll have caught up as much as I can soon.

It is such a relief to find that I did not have consumption after all.


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better. May you have a good illness free Advent for you and your congregation. (Is blue or purple the Advent colour at St. Mary’s?)

  2. The colour is purple, though sadly we don’t have a full high mass set for this time of the year.

    In my former congregation, we kept what people called “sarum colours” – blue in advent, unbleached linen in Lent.

    I believe the term sarum colours to be historically incorrect, but I rather liked the distinction between the two seasons.

  3. Marion Conn says

    Hi Kelvin, glad to hear you are feeling better. In respect to “sarum colours” may i suggest this website, http://anglicanhistory.org/essays/wright/sarum.pdf

  4. Thanks for the distinction. One of the local churches (non-denominational university with one episcopal priest out of three ministers) here uses blue but I seem to have recalled purple from other places. I’m not sure where they got the blue candles though, they are a very odd shade.

  5. Ritualist Robert says

    Speaking of Sarum, were there medieval uses peculiar to Scotland, Fr Kelvin? Presumably there may have been something like a St Andrews Use.

  6. Yeah, I think the Sarum rite sounds fabulous, but Advent candles should obviously be purple and pink :-).

  7. I presume that there was a St Andrews Use, though I’m no medievalist and there may be people better qualified to comment about it than I am.

    There certainly seems to have been a very spectacular Use at the collegiate church of St Mary and St Anne in Glasgow. There is some speculation that St Mary’s (with its side chapel dedicated to St Anne) might have some significant roots in that congregation, which met in a church where the Tron theatre now is.

    The ceremonies (and endowments) of this church were lavish. There is a little about it on wikipedia.

  8. Fr Dougal says

    Use of Aberdeen is very well recorded in FC Eels book on King’s College Chapel, rather like Sarum and Bangor.

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