More Daily Prayer

Prayer PicI’ve put a page on this site (linked in the right hand side bar at the top) containing the Daily Prayer material that I’ve been formatting into wee bookies.

You’ll find a bookie there for the current season that we are in marked Incarnation. Why not make having a go at the Daily Office a New Year Resolution?

I’m happy to keep churning this stuff out. So would any other priest, or any member of the Liturgy Committee.



  1. Sophie says

    Thank you, Kelvin. I found the morning prayer for Advent very helpful and had been hoping to keep the practice up into 2009. Thank you for making my New Year resolution so much easier to keep! Just one question – looking ahead into Ordinary time, when does one use Week A and when Week D?

  2. Rosemary says

    It is a good idea – I’ve used the form at times in my life – sometimes for weeks, sometimes months, occasionally a year at a time. I’ve been currently not as I mislaid me bookie in the moves – but a return to it sounds good. Yup – resolution made.

  3. Sophie – start with the special prayers for the Feast of the Holy Name near the back of the Incarnation book on 1 January. Then use the ordinary days in that book until Sunday 11 January. It is then Weeks A, B C and D in rotation until Lent.

    There is also a special set of prayers in the Incarnation book for the Epiphany on 6 Jan.

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