Epiphany Sermon 2009

Here is the sermon that I preached this morning. Keep your eye on the video. Expect the unexpected.

Text to follow later.


  1. GadgetVicar says

    Did you audition for the job of the 11th Dr Who?

  2. I suppose since you became Provost the unexpected is common place at St Mary’s.

    I think I know what you are refering to, however, given your innovative manner with your on-line sermon, anything should be expected.

  3. Thank you for your comments.

    I turned it down this time around, Gadgetvicar. I must admit, I’ve never thought, before now, of preaching on the suggestion that the Magi were in fact Time Lords.

  4. David |Dah • veed| says

    I thought that is was cute as the Magi materialized, but I pealed with laughter, quite upsetting my cat, when you materialized! Too bad that FX was not viewable by the live congregation.

    I think that your music director should write you your own theme, and a theme for any other principals in your productions. These themes would then be played as the movement music as you walk to the pulpit or walk to the altar, etc. Then when folks would hear your theme they would think, “Oh, Kelvin is doing this next part in the service.”

    Also, slow down the Alleluias, and stop slamming closed the Gospel book.

    • Ah, now the speed of the Alleluias – there is a topic for discussion. I remember being told once whilst being trained that double or triple alleluias should be pronounced as one word.

      I’m sorry to have upset the cat.

      And what makes you think I didn’t materialise in front of the congregation like that?

  5. ‘Expect the unexpected’. A most wise maxim. And rarely disappointed………

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