Taking Children to Church


I’m on holiday at the moment, and will be until Friday. This last weekend, I was in Englandshire staying close to one of the places I lived when I was in secondary school.

I had a whole new experience of church. I got to do something I’ve never done before – I got to take children to church. How different it makes the experience. Turning up at a strange church with twin nephews (and my father) was an absolute delight.

There is so much to do in church!

Including the following:

  • Looking up the hymns to check if you have sung them in school.
  • Counting the number of times the priest mentions Jesus in the sermon. (A variation is to bow each time he does so).
  • Bowing when the cross or the priest goes past.
  • Making the sign of the cross in all the right places.
  • Learning about the secret prayers that the priest is praying.
  • Standing on the pews when everyone else is standing up so you can see.
  • Counting the crosses in church. (We got to 31 but I think we missed quite a few).
  • Kneeling on the kneelers, which is trickier than it sounds.
  • Praying the communion prayers along with the priest. (We did it by whispering along!)
  • Listening to the choir and watching the organist.
  • Sharing the peace. (Very enjoyable)
  • Chatting to some of the older ladies who were pleased to see us.

I experienced the mass in a whole new way that was altogether lovely. Especially walking up to communion hand-in-hand with an eight year old whilst we both sang:

I will hold the Christ-light for you,
in the night-time of your fear.
I will hold my hand out to you,
speak the peace you long to hear.


  1. gosh, they’ve converted you.

    Your father must have been overflowing with joy.

  2. Thinking of having some of your own Kelvin? Maybe a bit of a lifestyle change?

  3. Kneeling on kneelers is easy. It is during Evensong when your head starts to drop and combined with the warmth that there is a tendency to drop off.

    Never that I would drop off during one of your sermons!

  4. Using kneelers which are wobbling around on a footrest is trickier than for people who find themselves too small to also be able to half perch on the pew at the same time.

  5. Melissa Holloway says

    At St. Mary’s we have the starfish, the boat, and the snake to find. And no need to count the crosses every week, some weeks we count the lillies. (The question is, do you get bonus points for Shona?)

    Waiting to see the bread be broken is important, because if you are not careful, you may miss it.

    I wouldn’t discount sleeping, either. When you feel welcome and warm, adults who love you lend you their coats for cushions, and the music fills your senses. I think it must be spiritual.

    The best, though, is when the bells are ringing. Who is the first to hear them?

  6. Zebadee says

    Taking children to Church–oh yes. To quotes the words of Jesus somewhat out of context, but possibly not ” You are not far from the Kingdom of God”. Or is this actually the KofG?

  7. So glad for you, your nephews and your Dad that your 3 generations got the chance to share this very very special experience. I hope you will make every effort to let such moments happen again and again. You all deserve it !
    Lay Clerk was evidently having a ‘bah humbug’ moment.
    I would say that such moments are a very great joy and a priviledge – especially for those of us who do not have a regular daily contact with children. Godchildren (and nephews/ neices if available) are certainly gifted by The Almighty, reveal the most unexpected of perspectives, and give such love and trust. We have much to learn from them. Praise be !

  8. Moyra says

    I love the chance to take my godchildren to church! We all get so much from the experience.

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