Sunday Worship – Radio 4

You can here this morning’s Sunday worship on Radio 4 by following this link to the BBC iPlayer.

Some feedback from those who live in other countries would be welcome. We know that those overseas can hear BBC Radio 4 streamed live but we are uncertain whether the iPlayer works for radio when you are furth from these shores.

There is a wonderful sense of excitement about doing these broadcasts – last minute changes, preprepared prayers being slotted in to keep the timing right even during the service and most frightening, listening to the 8 am news in case anything has happened in the world which needs to be acknowledged in the opening words of the broadcast.

My thanks to all concerned. It was an excellent service and the work of many hands.


  1. David |Dah • veed| says

    The broadcast on the iPlayer worked well.

    It was nice to hear these quaint accents, which of course do not come through in printed comments. The music and choir were well done. This is a far different service to the one to which I am accustomed, not in format, but in language and culture.

    There was one moment of hair raising chill as one of the women readers sounded uncannily similar to the red-headed terminator, Catherine Weaver, played by Shirley Manson, from the Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles!

  2. I listened without a problem. In this way, Internet is grand. It’s always fun
    to listen to a program from a church I’ve been to before.

  3. Suzanne says

    The service came across the Atlantic to the northern Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains clearly. It was so nice to hear a Morning Prayer service. Thank you for your work in reaching out to the world with your service.

  4. Wow. I should have listened earlier.
    Mum said she liked it on Sunday; now I know too 🙂

    Amongst other things, musical settings were glorious.


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