What are you listening to?

gramophone-762071Oh, thank you for asking. Its been a while since you did. (Just for your information, I’ve now stopped listening every day to the recording of me on Radio 4  – we all have to move on sooner or later).

  • Right at this minute, I’m listening to Prokofiev 6 but simultaneously thinking about the brilliant RSAMD Love for Three Oranges that I saw last week.
  • The shrinking prices in Zavvi tempted me to come home with Scouting for Girls by Scouting for Girls yesterday. This had previously only been enjoyed on Youtube in secret.
  • A few weeks ago at the same store, I indulged in the Deutsche Harmonia Mundi Box Set at a silly price which has given me, amongst many other delights, another recording of Zelenka’s Missa Dei Filii.
  • And, it is pretty difficult getting through the day without listening to something from Miss Doris, don’t you find?


  1. 3 oranges was so much fun – I wish the RSAMD Operas, and indeed the Opera School got more publicity. Glasgow being a City of Music after all.


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