Last Chance

signature-877745Last chance to sign the petition on marriage equality today and tomorrow.

Go on. How often do you get the chance to give other people the best day of their lives? Make people happy. Help open all the sacraments to all the baptised.


  1. Elizabeth says

    Now that raises an interesting question. Do you have to be baptised to get married in the Scottish Episcopal Church?

  2. Now, that’s a variation the Liturgy committee forgot to include: ‘marriage with baptism’.

    All the trickiness of not ruining hair, dress or make-up along the way.

  3. Kelvin says

    > Do you have to be baptised to get married in the Scottish Episcopal Church?


    I should have said: “Help open all the sacraments to all of God’s people”.

  4. Elizabeth says

    Kelvin, thanks for clarifying, I had thought that was probably the case! Kimberly, it does indeed suggest all kinds of liturgical intricacies. We had an exciting time at St Mary’s a while ago when a member of the congregation got baptised, confirmed and married – all in about a month or so. But the sacraments came in succession, not all at once.

  5. Bishop's Chaplain says

    Can I sign if I am a British Citizen, currently resident in a former British colony? ( I have my Bishop’s blessing)

  6. Kelvin says

    You could have signed, Bishop’s Chaplain, but unfortunately the petition is now closed.

    I’ll be keeping an eye on its progress in the Parliament and put updates on here.

  7. Peter R Mackin says

    How sad that someone who claims to be Christian can depart so spectacularly from the Word of God.

    However, your denomination is dying. In twenty years time Anglicanism will be finished. What is not of God won’t last.

  8. God bless you, Peter.

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