Relation of College of Bishops to the General Synod

Someone asked me recently what the relationship was between the College of Bishops and the General Synod.

It is a good question. Fortunately, the code of canons is quite specific about this.

Canon 52 Section 20 is helpfully clear:

The Primus may at any time, when requested to do so by the College of Bishops, take councel with the General Synod on any matter; and thereafter the College of Bishops may make, if they see fit, a pronouncement on such a mtter, or if the College of Bishops so decide, they may submit a proposed pronouncement by them for approval, amendment, or other action by the General Synod.

I like the fact that we have such a collaborative process written into the Canons, which are our effective constitution.

That’s a really good way of trying to square the circle between episcopal leadership and synodical governance, isn’t it?

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