A fox

fox-742058Funny, isn’t it, how a fox is always a moment in time.

Tonight, she and I stopped. Frozen. Gazing at one another in the street near the Arlington Baths. The knowledge that she is a scavenger and a pest did not limit her regal pose. She and I gaze, each seeing something in the other. Is it a moment of shared fear or a moment in which we both recognise something familiar?

I’ve no idea and wonder whether she knows herself.


  1. From the fox’s point of view, humans are pests though sometimes useful ones that leave out food scraps and raise chickens.

  2. Tregonsee says

    Be glad you were not attacked. Rabies is in the rise again. In once recent case, a jogger was attacked by a fox and had to run some distance to get help to get it off her arm.

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