Good Friday Addresses

Here are the good-friday-addresses I preached this afternoon during the Three Hours in pdf format.

Videos available later as I get them done.


  1. Kennedy says

    Thank you for this, Kelvin.


  2. Now there’s a thing……… you, preaching in pdf format……. an’ me thinkin’ you wuz in person………

    Nonetheless, these addresses read just as well as they sounded. Not, maybe, what we all wanted to hear – but maybe that’s the ‘why’….. and what it is all about ……

    Yup. Well worth spending the time.

    Another “Thank you”, Kelvin.

  3. Elizabeth says

    Thank you. It was good to be there. With lots to ponder, it will be good to have these to come back to and sit with.

  4. hollybunch says

    Another thank you Kelvin… Although I see people have said it already.

  5. hollybunch says

    Tempted to withdraw thanks after papercut… Won’t though

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