Preaching gig tomorrow

I’ve an out of town preaching gig tomorrow evening. If you are in the vicinity of St Michael and All Saints in Edinburgh, you are welcome to come along to the celebration for Corpus Christi.

Corpus Christi is a feast day that not all churches keep. It is simply a day of thanksgiving for the institution of Holy Communion. We celebrate the last supper in a particular way of course on Maundy Thursday, but at that time of year, the mood turns rather sharp and unsettling at that service. So tomorrow is set aside as a day for celebrating the shear joy that the church has in offering bread and wine.

I’ve gone to St Michael and All Saints for most Corpus Christis in the last decade or so. They keep it with such enthusiasm and joy that I find it unmissable.

David Campbell has a good description of Corpus Christi and an excellent pic, here.

The service itself is just a simple little service for bible believing Christians, of course. And it starts at 7.30 pm and all are welcome.

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