Read all about it … again

Hey look, the Sun newspaper has picked up the Equal Marriage story from yesterday.

They seem to be using a jollier picture of me than Scotland on Sunday used. And with a brilliant sense of irony that will be lost on most readers, they’ve used a pic from my photoshoot at the Scottish Wedding Show a couple of years ago. Excellent!

I can’t remember being in the Currant Bun before.


  1. That’s much more fun. They’ve been unfair to David, though.

  2. RosemaryHannah says

    Papers find it impossible to deal with a situation where there are two honest people with a reasonable and opposed point of view. Papers peddle a dangerous dualism.

  3. Don’t worry friends of Kelvin. There is a humility SWAT squad ready to go in if his new celebrity status and the adulation go too much to the good father’s head. They are equipped with embarrassing photographs of fashion mistakes and the like, plus recordings of some of his not so good sermons (yes, they do exist). They have also contacted “friends” from college and school who are quite willing to tell all if diva status looks imminent.

  4. Ah, Father Madpriest – it never goes to my head.

    (But I do look so much more beautiful in the Sun…)

  5. Sodomy is condemned in the bible. But of course you do not adhere to the bible but to your own beliefs.

  6. “The Bible” is spelt with a capital “B.”
    There’s just no respect for the word of God anymore.

  7. > of course you do not adhere to the bible but to your own beliefs

    Far from it Al, we had an excellent Bible study with the LGBT group last month on Genesis 19. We came to that sodomy as described there (offering over visitors in your care to be sexually abused by a violent mob) was most certainly a sin.

    And, Fr Madpriest, word of God in these parts is spelt with a capital W and a rolling R.

  8. Well, they are wrong in your parts then. I’m not usually pedantic, as you well know. But the Word of God is Jesus. The Bible is the word of God. But I take your point about the rolling “R.” My bad. Sorry.

  9. David |Dah • veed| says

    I mostly concur with the Mad One. The Word of God is Jesus, while the bible contains the word/s of God.

    And I am never pedantic.

  10. And I was being facetious about certain traditions within Scottish Christianity which are not my own.

  11. steve says

    It seems that gays are flavour of the month on Scottish Christian blogs, see the end of this thread:
    It seems that ‘sibling’ is stirring up the homophobes, is s/he an anglican?
    Oops should that be a capital ‘A’?

  12. I do try not to read the catholictruthsciotland blog. It does nothing for one’s devotions. I’ve no idea who sibling is.

  13. steve says

    Indeed the prudence of a devout pastor

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