General Convention Press Briefing

A quote from my previous post about the American Episcopal Church's General Convention was used to prompt comments from those giving the final press briefing at the convention.

There is a quick video clip here. The first person to answer the question is Bonnie Anderson, President of the House of Deputies. The second is Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori who is the Presiding Bishop. The third is the bishop local to where the convention was held, Bishop J. Jon Bruno the Bishop of Los Angeles.


  1. Gosh, you have had a good week in the media.

    The last man seems not to have forgotten the quote by the time he speaks, though.

  2. Well, I think that he had probably decided what he was going to say to the rest of the Anglican world and the fact that the quote was positive rather than the negative stuff he was expecting was not going to stop him saying what he needed to say.

  3. Does Gregor know you’re Dean as well? Just like A&TI, in fact!

  4. Maria Ottensten says

    It´s so interesting to read about the episcopal church in Scotland and the US. As you might know Church of Sweden is about to decide to conduct same sex marriage services this autumn ( we already conduct blessing services for people who have entered registered partnership). Right now the church debate here is about a letter from Anglican bishops to our archbishop saying CHurch of Sweden puts the Porvoo agreement at risk. Lots of conservative debaters uses this to say STOP, we can´t go this way,must care about ecumenical relations (more than discriminated people in our church…).

    When I´m discussions about that I always say there are different positions also in the Anglican community, and we need to decide whom to take sides with…

    Reading you blogg reinforces those thoughts !!! Take care!

  5. Thanks Maria

    I went on a Porvoo consultation a couple of years ago, and it was pretty clear then that there was a greater distance between the Church of England and the Anglicans in Scotland, Wales and Ireland than between Scottish Anglicans and the Church of Sweden.

    I don’t know of anyone in Scotland who would feel that our committment to the Porvoo agreement was in any way at risk by any of the decisions that the Church of Sweden is making at this time.

    Just as in the Church of Sweden, there are people who take different views about certain subjects in Scotland but that should not affect the communion between us and your church.

  6. Indeed, Maria, I think many of us are watching the situation in Sweden with great interest, and are saying proudly: ‘we’re in full communion with them, you know…’.

    I hope Sweden does not consider reversing it’s policy because some parts of the Church of England are not ready to include all God’s people in the sacramental life of the church.

  7. David |Dah • veed| says

    It is difficult, and a bit unfair, to be broadsided with a question about an article in a periodical that you have not read and perhaps did not know existed until that very moment.

    Kelvin, there is a second question by another reporter about your article a few minutes later on this video.

    A few interesting things about Bishop Bruno, who is the spawn of Satan in Orthodite circles. He was formerly a police officer and a Statesonian Football player. Prior to being Bishop coadjutor he was the Provost to the LA Diocese Cathedral Center (LA does not really have a cathedral) and prior to that he was rector of the oldest anglican parish in California for a number of years.

    Bishop Bruno tells the story of a man in his diocese who had AIDS. He confided with the bishop that the hardest thing about having AIDS was that no one ever touched him, a very lonely existence for him. Bishop Bruno, the big ex cop & ex footballer sat in a big comfy chair and invited the man come over and sit on his lap and the bishop just hugged and held him. The man had a standing appointment to be hugged and held by the bishop until he was no longer able and eventually died.

  8. That’s it. I’m sending in the Humility Swat Squad now.
    What has happened to that shy, quiet, unassuming cathedral provost we used to know?

  9. Kelvin says

    Everything I know about humility, I learned from you, Fr Madpriest.

  10. susan s. says

    What’s the difference between a Provost and a Dean? My dictionary gives the same definition of both. We ignorant Americans want to know

  11. People who run cathedrals in the Scottish Episcopal Church are called Provosts, in England and in the US and in much of the rest of the Anglican world they are called Deans.

    For a while, old cathedrals in England had Deans and new cathedrals had Provosts. They made them all deans a few years ago.

    In Scotland we also use the word Provost for the civic leader who would be called a Mayor in a lot of other places.

    Deans in Anglican Dioceses in Scotland are similar to Archdeacons in England or Canons to the Ordinary in the states.

  12. susan s. says

    Thanks… So is calling you a dean a forgivable sin? Is it a step up or down for a provost to become a dean?

  13. Calling me a dean is an understadable mistake. If hierarchy matters, I rank behind the bishop and the dean at diocesan functions. I rank behind the bishop alone at cathedral functions.

    Usually I find that such hierarchical niceties have been worked out as a result of disputes of rather a long time ago.

  14. susan s. says

    Thanks, again. I enjoy reading your blog.

  15. brad evans says

    “Evangelical Faith, Apostolic Orders(?)-Increasingly Irrelevant Organization”

  16. Bless you, Brad.

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