Pat McBryde RIP

I’ve just been hearing the news that a former member of this congregation has died. Pat McBryde died this morning after quite a long illness.

I knew Pat when she worked in the General Synod Office. She was a force for much good and without whom the Scottish Episcopal Church would be immeasurably poorer. I think of Provisional Conferences, Synods and Mission 21 when I think of Pat and more than anything I think of someone who helped to get other people to make things happen. She had an great combination of a sense of humour and being able to get things to change.

We have been praying for her in recent weeks here.

May she now rest in peace, and rise in glory.


  1. Bruce Cameron says

    Dear Kelvin

    Much appreciated you words on Pat. When I heard the news of her death this morning I felt the loss not only of a very good friend but of a significant part of the SEC story over the past 50 years.
    We first met back in the 60’s as members of the then SEC Youth Committee and since then I was prvileged to work with her on many activties and projects up to Mission 21. One of her great gifts was to combine being a good administrator and yet very much a people person . She greatly loved her “pisky” church even if it could at times frustrate her! And of course she will be sadly missed not only in Scotland but in many parts of the world.
    Again thank you for your words.

  2. Robin says

    > One of her great gifts was to combine being a good administrator and yet very much a people person.

    This catches her exactly. She was a lovely person. And now – St Patricia of Grosvenor Cresent, pray for us!

  3. David Bayne says

    Amen to all that has been said about Pat. She was a staunch friend to so many of us. More than that, in her ability to befriend and encourage all sorts and conditions of people from all around the globe, she embodied the Anglican great-heartedness that is being systematically crushed out of us – and that somehow makes the sense of loss even more acute. A light really has gone out.

    Still, the Memorial Service is to be on the Festival of the Dormition. She’d have enjoyed that. On second thoughts, she will enjoy that…………..

  4. I will always remember Pat as being the person who was responsible for getting me my first car. She was one of those women who knew everyone – from the lowliest curate to the highest – and treated them all the same.

    David, can you give more details about the Memorial? There is nothing on the SEC website and if Kelvin hadn’t mentioned her death in his blog I’d have missed it.

  5. Bruce Cameron says

    Ruth, the Memorial service I’m told is on Saturday 15th August 11a m at St John’s Forfar. And yes I wondered why nothing had appeared on SEC website. Maybe the new Convener of I and C could look into it!!

  6. Robin says

    > She was one of those women who knew everyone – from the lowliest curate to the highest – and treated them all the same.

    Ruth, she was indeed, but her mercy and compassion went deeper even than that. She was every bit as kind and considerate to the laity!

  7. David Bayne says

    Thanks to +Bruce for posting the details of the Memorial Service. I hadn’t logged in for a couple of days. I have, though, checked the protocol for these matters, and it seems that GSO notifies Diocesan Offices, which then circulate ad clerum. (That’s certainly what happened in G&G.) I don’t recall seeing a death notice or obituary on the website – although some I&C Conveners might relish the prospect of the last word on the SEC’s luminaries. What think ye, Kelvin?

  8. Kelvin says

    So far as I am aware, notices of deaths of Episcopalians have not appeared on the SEC website. I do think that it is appropriate for some notices of deaths to be circulated by e-mail and in this case, dioceses have had the chance to do so.

    One of the things that I am aware of as I and C Convener is that people sometimes have very differing expectations around how the church should treat information about death and that this applies both to Obituaries as well as to practical information.

  9. Kennedy says

    I suppose my one comment might be using the clergy as the conduit for information can be problematic, especially at this time of year when clergy can be on holiday.


  10. Kelvin says

    That is true Kennedy, though not everyone looks at any particular website either.

  11. Judy Page says

    I heartily agree with all that has been said about Pat. She was a tremendous encourager to all with whom she had contact. One of the greats!

  12. Thanks for your good words, Kevin. Pat and I have been friends from the 60’s, and she was here in Philadelphia just last year. I’ve written a short obit in my blog which you might like.

  13. Jean Sutherland says

    My father (Ted Luscombe) spent literally hours on the phone in the days following Pat’s death advising bishops, clergy and other friends of the arrangements for the Service of Thanksgiving to be held in Forfar this Saturday. He also arranged for notices to appear in the Times, Scotsman, Herald and Dumfries Standard. It is to be hoped that everyone now knows about it.

  14. Tumi Mosothoane says

    I was taken to a flat in Leith, Edinburgh, by Pat McBryde upon arrival from Zambia in 1990. This Scottish Episcopal church bursar had a friend, pseudo guardian, mom and administrator in Pat. For years I tried to get in touch upon return to South Africa to no avail. Today I saw a picture of a Thistle (which jolts my mind back to Scotland immediately), so I googled Pat and I see these messages…SAD for me as I have never been able to THANK her as an adult for to express a more mature gratitude for HER BEING and EYE over me. May she rest in peace knowing a son of Africa is evergrateful for her love.

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