In the middle of the maelstrom of voices talking and shouting about sexuality in the Anglican Communion, some voices are seldom heard. In particular, gay people have found it difficult to be heard and indeed have in some cases been silenced despite repeated promises that they will be listened to.

This video features members of the LGBT group at St Mary's speaking with their own voices. They discuss the congregation, Gene Robinson's visit and some of the international aspects of what we do. It was made as part of an exhibition at Glasgow's Gallery of Modern Art. (Yes, it is part of that exhibition that all the fuss has been about). My thanks to Anthony Schrag who produced it and to all those who took part.

The exhibition itself runs at GoMA until 22 August 2009.

The troubles of the Anglican Communion will not even begin to wane until there is a recognition that we too speak with our own voices and drink from our own wells.


  1. What a brilliant video. Thanks for posting it.

    Synod slot, maybe?

  2. Elizabeth says

    This is wonderful. Thank you and everyone in this video for sharing the wells – they are truly refreshing!
    I vote for Kimberly’s suggestion (with the permission of contributors obviously).

  3. I found the video interesting. But there are another group of voices that need to be heard, namely those who are gay but who choose not to seek or enter into relationships believing such a decision to be incompatible with faith in Christ.

    It may be interesting for groups within the church (like synod) to see this video, but only if it was recognised that the content does not represent all gay people.

  4. Kennedy says

    You may know of the circumstances of the individuals, but I heard nothing that said that they were, or were not, in relationships. This wasn’t the issue being explored – it was pretty irrelevant here.

    What came over was the acceptance of the congregation and the fact that the people found a place where they could worship God with their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

    Perhaps another set of voices that the *church* needs to hear is from LGBT people who have experienced churches and people that have put barriers between them and their relationship with God.


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