Half Marathon this weekend

I believe that there is a half marathon being run in Glasgow tomorrow, the route of which is mostly around a place that is called “The South Side”.

If you do come from that place and are planning to come to St Mary’s tomorrow, you might like to allow a little extra time to get here.


  1. Lindsay says

    Not running then, Kelvin?

  2. It starts in George Square and goes up St Vincent’s Street, so there are going to be delays/diversions in the city centre as well.

    There is some information from Glasgow City council and a route map, which ought to give an idea of the affected areas.

  3. Elizabeth says

    Thanks for the tip. After battling with football traffic this afternoon, I’m tempted to call it quits and stay in bed tomorrow!

  4. Well, Lindsay, I have a prior booking most Sunday mornings.

    Stay in bed Elizabeth! Stay in bed!

    Thanks for the comment about St Vincent Street, Beth. I had presumed that this was a south side thing. Indeed, I was presuming that it was because of a love of this kind of thing that people live on the far side.

    There must be some reason.

  5. Don’t stay in bed Elizabeth – if you can make it to the M77 at Silverburn (Jn 2) you can get to the West End. If it is like previous occurences, the Dumbreck junction (M77 Junc 1) will be partially closed.

    By the time you have listened to Kelvin’s sermon you should have no difficulty in getting home.

  6. Should have looked at the route first – thanks Beth.

    It looks as though you are surrounded Elizabeth, so Kelvin’s advice of staying in bed might be prudent. Just look forward to the 6 – or is it more – baptisms next Sunday.

  7. Kelvin was not advising anyone to stay in bed. Kelvin was spluttering with indignance that anyone should be prevented from worshipping the one true holy God by a mere sports event.

  8. RosemaryHannah says

    I don’t think I’m up for it either, looking at the map – I’ll say prayers here instead.

  9. RosemaryHannah says

    Yeah, but think of the spiritual damage to me if I get caught up in traffic. It’s avoiding the occasion for sin….

  10. Or for murmuring a prayer….

  11. RosemaryHannah says

    No, dear, that is for good people … in my case just murmuring….. I’ll take a look see if it is actually possible with AA or something.

  12. Elizabeth says

    Murmuring Rosemary? You’re far more saintly than I, in the Anderson car there would likely have been shouting.

    Kelvin, I read your comment as Stewart did and have taken your excellent advice! The long loop round the route, or the alternative long walk in the rain to the underground both seemed like too much for an already stressful week. I hope the sermon will be posted later!
    Some generous souls have deigned to give up living in the centre of the universe in order to make space for others to live there.

  13. Lindsay says

    If you were one of the South siders who stood at their gates shouting words of encouragement as we ran past, then your morning was not in vain! Huge thanks for the lift in spirits you gave us! There were over 20,000 people running this morning, many of them obviously with moving stories in memory of loved ones and for all sorts of charity. It was really inspiring.

  14. RosemaryHannah says

    I do actually support running knowing how much good health it brings (when I do it I always feel better) – but I have an issue with the TOTAL lack of good information readily available. I went, allowing so much extra time I had to go for a coffee first. (Well, chose to anyhow!) What we needed to know was exactly how to steer around the kerfuffle.

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