All Time Blog Post Popularity

Here is the list of the most read bits of this website. Note that the 2 pancake articles when added together still beat the Advent Candle. Note also that on this blog, candles and pancakes are still each more than twice as interesting to my readers than the controversy over The Usual Topic.

The Advent Wreath Candle Controversy
Pancake Receipt
Pancake Recipe
An Announcement
Brown Shoes
St Andrew’s Day 2008
The Plague of Bad Typography
The Beloved
100 Things
The Gaiter Controversies
How to Baptise Someone
You almost have to smile
What’s going on in America?
Reading the Bible Every Day
Sermon – Advent Sunday 2007
Called or Collared
Daily Prayer
Book Club Suggestions
Ordination Sermon – Perth 28 October 2007

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