Anglican – RC conversion figures

Does anyone know whether there are any estimated figures anywhere for how many Anglicans convert to being Roman Catholics and vice versa over any period of time?

In the light of the Pope’s trawl for disaffected Anglicans, I’ve been reflecting on the fact that it has always a two way street. I’m aware of quite a few Roman Catholic folk, lay, ordained and former religious who now worship with Anglicans. We tend not to make a big ta-ra about this, unlike his Holiness. Some of those folk think of themselves as still being RC in some way but just worshipping with an Anglican congregation. Some feel the need to make some statement to the effect that they have changed church, for example by being confirmed or by being received into membership. We are the church of slightly fuzzy boundaries sometimes so it doesn’t matter much to most of us whether folk sneak into our communities by assimilation or whether they convert with a big bang. They are all welcome, whether they know for certain that that they belong, or are just trying us out or simply think of themselves as abiding with us for a time.

Generally speaking, I find those who join us from an RC background to have a lively, intelligent faith; they often tend to be the brightest and the best kind of Christians you could find.

I wonder whether Roman Catholics view those former Anglicans who join them in the same way.


  1. Roddy says

    My belief is that if you have a lively, intelligent faith it’s no wonder you become an Anglican than stay RC. Or this that just me being catty…

  2. Bryan says

    As a Catholic who has always valued my links with the Anglican Church I find the comment made by Roddy to be very unworthy of the best of your communion. I have also met many delightful, educated and holy former Anglicans who are not all woman hating anti-gay numpties! Nothing in this life is as black or white as Roddy would suggest, thank God!

  3. Roddy says

    Apologies Bryan! No offense meant, just a poor attempt at wit. I’ll get back in my box.

  4. Bryan says

    Roddy….your gracious apology is accepted! I couldn’t think that a person who reads Thurible could be anything other than a goody!! I do however feel for many ex- Anglicans who believe that ” Rome is home ” but did not take that hard journey over the Tiber for the usual negative reasons posted in the press. We can but remember them in our prayers.
    Don’t close the lid of your box…..please!

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