What's a-happening

People connected with the Scottish Episcopal Church who go abroad sometimes tell me that they find the blogs a great help in keeping in touch with what’s going on back home.

Here is today’s news.


  1. I resemble that remark.

  2. me too. I only swear most of the time, not always!

    (and you will notice I managed to hold back in this comment too)

  3. …and have been sampling Bramley Apples, finding William Shakespeare with a bowl of apples.

  4. Cliff says

    The Dean of Moray has started to blog

  5. And not before time, Cliff. Welcome.

  6. Unfortunately, I can’t post a comment though, Cliff as it only seems to be interested in me if I have an account with other people.

    What is it about Moray, Ross and Caithness? Is there comment paranoia up there?

  7. Cliff says

    Comments are welcome, I think it may have been my settings, so don’t shout at me, please try again.

  8. Forgive me Kelvin for hijacking your blog to speak to Cliff… Cliff, greetings! Glad you finally succumbed. (For some reason your blog won’t accept my URL.)

  9. It’s a sin to consume sloe gin before Epiphany

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