Swedish Consecration

I note the report on Sweden’s Local news-site that bishops from England and Ireland are boycotting the consecration of the next Bishop of Stockholm.

(Tip of the biretta to Fr Madpriest).

Does anyone know which Scottish bishop is going? We are usually quite good at turning up to things in Sweden.


  1. As long as they don’t send you, Kelvin. I mean, if the Swedes got the liturgy wrong it would be the death of the Porvoo agreement for a start. And there would be an international incident if they sang a Graham Kendrick song 🙂

  2. Actually, I could be heard telling a liturgy class only yesterday that if we had a rock band leading worship, the main thing that would bother me would be whether or not it was the best rock band in town.

    Mistakes in the liturgy are forgivable and happen every week here. We don’t do perfect liturgies in St Mary’s. Whether I notice mistakes or not depends on the footwear of the protagonist.

  3. David | Dah•veed says

    What dear Kelvin is your opinion of cowboy boots under vestments?
    “On the third Sunday, at my fourth church, a bald, black Episcopal [priest] said, “Good morning, saints!” and I melted. She had a formidable presence, an affable warmth and cowboy boots under her vestments.”

  4. As long as they’re black, surely cowboy boots can be worn anywhere (including the altar) where shoes are usually worn? 😉

  5. Cowboy boots do not fulfil the criteria Ryan, black or otherwise. However, one does have a sneaking admiration for such behaviour, however naughty we all know it is.

    You might all be interested to know that I know the answer to the Swedish question. Well I know two answers, actually.

    The answer that I have been given by two good people in Edinburgh is that the SEC was not invited to this consecration. Not out of rudeness or badness for the Swedes are not like that. No. Because the Swedes invite Anglican bishops to their consecrations in rotation – sometimes, Irish bishops, sometimes Welsh bishops, sometimes English bishops, sometimes Scottish bishops. Seems that this time around it was not our turn. Trust the Swedes to have such a clever system.

    The other answer that I received was from someone who told me that one of our bishops was indeed going and he told me who it was. I’m presuming that this is either mistaken information or the visit is being undertaken in a private capacity rather than as an official representative of the SEC, so I’m saying no more about it.

  6. David | Dah•veed says

    so I’m saying no more about it.
    I am sure that in a church as small as yours that what you have already said is sufficient to get back to those concerned!

  7. David | Dah•veed says

    Well, the ladies were consecrated with or without whomever was or was not invited and did or do not come! From the fotos there were plenty of Episcopoi attending.

    Surely someone with the style gene can give the one dear sister some pointers on wearing a Mitre. Maybe she has tipped it back like a ballcap because she is ready to roll up her sleeves and get to work!

  8. It may be that what I understood, and what was said were two different things, Kelvin. Your Edinburgh sources may be right! And how convenient…..

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