Humble pie

So, I knew I had a Standing Committee (in Edinburgh) meeting and a Chapter meeting in Glasgow on consecutive Wednesday. I was always going to remember this because Wednesday is usually my day off and the both weeks were going to need some juggling with in order to make sure I got time off at all. Do you think I managed to remember which way round these appointments came though. Or do you think I arrived in Edinburgh on a day that I should have been in Glasgow?

Humble pie e-mail will need to be sent before the end of the day. I hate missing meetings too.


  1. Do you want chip’s with that?

  2. gaielle says

    oops……. a pinch of salt and some vinegar mebbe ?

  3. You weren’t alone – see +David!

  4. Kelvin says

    Yes. Its surprising that we didn’t bump into one another in our bewilderment.

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