Relics in Space

4-smallFollowing our discussion of relics the other week, it appears that we are being orbited by one. This pic comes from the blog of someone on the International Space Station. Apparently they have four icons, a big cross and a reliquary cross (containing yet another sliver of the true cross).

Space people have often been religious. Didn’t one of those who went to the moon take the reserved sacrament with him?


  1. David | Dah•veed says

    The current crew includes three Cosmonauts. Which is probably who brought the Orthodox items.

    From our friend in New Zealand, Father Bosco Peters;
    First communion on the moon anniversary

  2. David | Dah•veed says

    Faddah K, is there a way to add a preview to our comments? It would help us catch our errors a be able to correct them.

    Here is the direct link I intended for the comment above. The link above is my search of Faddah B’s blog.
    First communion on the moon anniversary

  3. I’m not aware of a facility to add previewing to comments. I’ll look into it though.

  4. Fr.Gadgetvicar’s blog has a preview option! 😉

    Neil Armstrong was , IIRC, a pisky 🙂

  5. David says

    ‘Buzz’ Aldrin received Holy Communion in Apollo 11’s lunar module after landing on the Moon’s Sea of Tranquillity on July 20 1969. It had apparently been consecrated and prepared for the mission by his pastor at Webster Presbyterian Church in Houston.
    Reference is made to this in his book, published earlier this year.

  6. I’m pretty sure that is “solitaire” on the screen in the background. Kind of apt…

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