Prayer Resources for Advent

I’ve updated the Daily Prayer page with some new resources, specifically two bookies containing Evening Prayer for Advent.

In the Scottish Episcopal version of Daily Prayer, we have prayers with the title Anticipation which we use for Advent. There are two files for evening prayer. One for the first three weeks of Advent and another for use from 17 December onwards. This last set has the glorious Advent Antiphons before and after the Magnificat. It is these antiphons which are giving shape to our Advent Carol Service which takes place tomorrow evening (29 November 2009) at 6.30 pm.

If you are looking for a list of bible readings for Advent, you’ll find them on the last pages of the Calendar that I published last year.

All these and the bookies for Morning Prayer and Compline are over on the Daily Prayer page.


  1. Melissa says

    Thanks for these. Any suggestions for a simple Magnificat – something that all ages might listen to and be able to hum around the house?

    • Hi Melissa

      How about looking at the Canticles the Church of England pubish. You can find them here:

      Number 54b is a Magnificat that you will have sung at St Mary’s and number 54c is a simpler version that goes to lots of tunes you know.

      You could sing it to the tune “Glasgow” for example. You could find that here. (Though I’d sing it three times as fast to make it more jaunty!)
      Or you could sing it to Amazing Grace.
      Or you could sing it to House of the Rising Sun or I’d like to teach the world to sing!

  2. There’s also a lovely one that goes to Peter Warlock’s Pieds en l’air.

    amateur recording to give the tune href=”” here

  3. sorry, that didn’t work. and Kelvin in on holiday and might not fix it… here is it without the bad link

  4. Kennedy says

    The Magnifcat in Common Ground has an eminently hummable tune. It calso be used for the Benedictus as well.

  5. Melissa says

    Thanks. It would have taken me ages to get this far.

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