Decorating the Cathedral

My very grateful thanks to everyone who joined in decorating the Cathedral after the morning service yesterday in time for the Carol Service.

Its always quite a fun time. The austerity of Advent gives way to the glory of Christmas.

To all who participated – flower arrangers, bauble hangers, light festooners, Christmas tree fairies, lighting adjusters, sweepers up, linen smoothers, pew-end glorifiers, advice givers and all those whose special jobs are known only to the baby Jesus – very great thanks indeed.

It was fun!


  1. How funny. And tasteful too. Love the white lights theme. Can I borrow your gay helpers please?

    Only one comment… your Advent wreath could do with a bit of greenery. Well to be honest, it could do with some purple and pink candles too but let’s not go there.

  2. Note the inspired use of the candle snuffer to hang the fairy lights on the arch.

  3. whomever wore the red trousers deserves a gold star. who knew they’d work so well on fast forward?

  4. Irene says

    Once I stop laughing, all I can say is – hilarious.

  5. Not just hilarious – glorious too.

    Great to have a team of people emerge from the congregation absolutely set on making the sanctuary look wonderful for the Carol Service and Midnight Mass.

    This video deserves to be played in many a seminar on collaborative ministry. There was an amazing amount of goodwill and affection around on Sunday lunchtime. It was one of those times that you just enjoy in a congregation. People doing things for God and enjoying one another and doing it also for those whom we don’t know yet who will come on Thursday evening to Midnight Mass.

  6. gaielle says

    oooooooooooh ! You are a One ! x

  7. Gordon says

    Thanks Kelvin really funny and a wonderful idea. It really was good fun.

    I thought we had agreed that we were Christmas Tree Angels and not fairies but hey been called worse.

    Rev Ruth the “Gay helpers” are available for a price just ask Kelvin for costings.

  8. Spare a thought for the people who can’t yet make it up the drive to their church – some of us are working very hard on this, but we’ve run out of grit (the road kind, not personal resolve!)

  9. Cannot wait to see it in all its glory at Midnight Mass.

  10. ChickPea says

    Surely, Fr K, your fairies would most properly be referred to as ‘ piskies’, even so very far from Cornwall…… ?


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