Predictions for 2010

Tricky things, predictions, but here goes:

  • The General Election will result in a hung parliament which Westminster politicians will hate, but which might be what the country wants and needs.
  • There will be several new bishops who happen to be gay in the Anglican Communion by the end of the year.
  • The Anglican Communion will survive another year but have no clearer purpose by the year end than it does now.
  • Several Anglican Churches will sign the Covenant straight away whilst the UK Anglican Churches will find themselves mired in the process of how to agree on whether or not to sign up.
  • Increasing numbers of Evangelicals will distance themselves from the sexuality debate and reposition themselves away from anti-gay policies. (This is already beginning to happen).
  • Hardly anyone will say, “… tell me, what is a blog?” this year, and by next year, “…but what is this twitter?” will also be dropping out of conversation.
  • Waitrose will make a major contribution to the mission field by opening on Glasgow’s South Side.
  • We will hear new hymns begin to refer to climate change (something unhelpfully penitential for Lent, probably).
  • British troops will remain in Afghanistan.
  • We will know more about what Iranians in this country think by the end of the year than we do now.

Anyone want to add any of their own?


  1. Elizabeth says

    God speed the Waitrose Mission! We live in hope.

  2. tim lusk says

    I hope the year ahead is a good one for you. I attended your church several years ago on my way back from Iona. I left the ordained ministry (United Methodist), became Epicopalian, came out, and have a wonderful man in my life who happens to be Jewish. The Church as many people like me, when I was over there I know there were alot of gays in the don’t as don’t tell place with the church. Things are changing and I think God literally for people like you who give hope to people like I used to be…afraid and still wanting to believe that God’s grace belongs to gays as well as straights. God bless you buddy!

    Tim Lusk
    Tucson, AZ USA


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