Electoral Synod

Just back from the Electoral Synod – a day spent listening to the three candidates for the Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway.

There is a veil of confidentiality that draws across what anyone said today. Its not for repetition so all I can do is record some responses that I felt in myself.

It was a very good day. I don’t think that it could have been better handled. Much more positive than the first Electoral Synod meeting of months ago.

Its a vile process for the candidates. The most intense pressure and that can’t and won’t be helped by the sideshow of people like me griping on the sidelines. However, that’s actually what Episcopal ministry is about. This is a testing ground for a job that you need to be tough for and which is bigger than any individual.

As always with vocational issues, you have to listen hard to what is going on underneath the surface of people. You need to listen to see if you can hear the music behind the words.

Did I hear that in any of them today?

Well, I think so. And I’m looking forward to casting my vote next week. Before today took place, I have to admit that I wasn’t looking forward to that moment. I’ve changed my mind now though.

For now our thoughts must be with all of them – John, Alison and Gregor. Grace and peace to all three.


  1. Elizabeth says

    Very glad to hear it was a good day.

  2. Roddy says

    When will the result be announced?

  3. Kelvin says



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