Mission Service

There are some glorious photographs of Bishop Idris which have just come to light in which he is shown teaching the faith in the mission field.

The whole set can be seen on Flickr here. If you want a couple of individual starting points, try here or here or here.


  1. You mean you’ve only just found these? I’ve been admiring them for months! I should have told you …

  2. Ooooooh! Lace!! Vestment Porn!! Tat heaven!!

  3. David | Dah•veed says

    I was confused at first, but then realized that this was in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

    I am Anglo-Catholic, but I guess not this Anglo-Catholic! Are there Scottish Episcopalians this prissy?

  4. Well, there appears to be a Scottish Episcopalian bishop enjoying himself in the middle of all this. There is no-where quite so high over here.

    However, the Rector of that congregation came from Scotland. He was at one time rector of the lovely St Michael and All Saints’ in Edinburgh and went from there to be Provost in St Andrews Cathedral, Inverness.

    Generally speaking our catholicism in Scotland is not particuarly lace-based.

    Its more butch.

  5. Oh oh oh! I want one of those long pink things. Gloriouso.

  6. I couldn’t get over the skill of the cloth-draping server.

    (what will such a server be called? there must be a name…)

    Kelvin, can you get all the bits ordered in time for the next consecration?

  7. Awesome!

  8. fr dougal says

    “Generally speaking our catholicism in Scotland is not particuarly lace-based.

    Its more butch.”

    Speak for yourself! I have an alb with 15 inches of lace on it:-)

  9. Generally, Father.

    I said, generally.

  10. I’m salivating. I’m presbyterian but I want an outfit like that. A train to die for.

  11. What do you call the fabby vestment-with-train +Idris is wearing? I thought that the falda was for Popes only!

  12. Whatever you do, don’t show these pictures to the successful candidate in tomorrow’s election. It might give her/him ideas.

  13. I think that +Idris was wearing a Cappa Magna.

  14. susan s. says

    Maybe its because I am from the US, but some of the pictures made me distinctly uncomfortable!No, I am not “low” church. And I didn’t think that +Idris looked all that comfortable in some of the “long train” photos. It is beautiful, but far too Roman looking for my taste. And need I say that where were the women in this party? 😉

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