Not being one to blow mine own trumpet

I wonder if you would kindly go over to the ScotBlog Awards and cast your vote in my direction.

Blessings abound if you do.


  1. I’ve had a wee peek at a random selection of the nominees, and scary as it may seem, yours is actually the one I’d vote for even if you hadn’t commanded us to do so, Father!

  2. Ritualist Robert says

    Feeling blessed already.

  3. ditto!

  4. David | Dah•veed says

    Gotcha covered.

  5. Of course! I was one of the ones who nominated you in the first place, so you were always going to get a vote from me.

  6. ChickPea says

    i ran fast as fast could be – but was too slow to get there in time – now gotta wait t’ see if my missin’ vote mattered…….. (baited – or is it ‘bated’ breath…….)


    i’m sure you will be relieved to know the vatican approves

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