Bishop in Daily Record

What’s that? Did I see one of our bishops in the Daily Record today?

Indeed I did, and kudos to Bishop Bob Gillies for leading the debate against caffeinated alchoholic drinks.


  1. Roddy says

    Many years ago, when a junior doctor, I worked in A&E in Lanarkshire. The standard attendance sheet entry almost always mentioned Buckfast. This included comments such as “Hit by Buckfast bottle”, “Injured by broken Buckfast bottle”, ” injured themselves after drinking Buckfast”, “liver failure secondary to alcohol/Buckfast consumption”

    The response of the blessed monks and their maketing company was to introduce Buckfast in plastic bottles. There’s a major contribution to public health.

    This stuff is poisonous, is a major contribution to ill health, has caused untold levels of misery and is STILL made by a religious foundation who are eithe naive of or indifferent to the effects it has. The comment that it’s OK if enjoyed ‘sensibly’ is a complete cop out. The monks and their marketing company (why do those two concepts sit so uneasily together) should be bloody ashamed.

  2. for leading the debate against caffeinated alchoholic drinks.

    No more Irish coffees for you then, young man. And the bottle of Kahlua is going to have to go back to the shop as well.

  3. Oh Fr Madpriest, you do fling that at the wrong target. I had to give up caffeine last year in an attempt (successful) to lower my tinnitus. You know the zeal of the convert….

    Not that I ever did like coffee, mind you.

    Funny really, I grew up in a form of Christianity where caffeine was fine but alcohol was forbidden. Now I’m in a place where alcohol is OK (so long as you can cope with it) and I’m caffeine intolerant.

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