Inspires Online – launched

Hey, can you help spread the word that Inspires Online has launched? Its the new newsletter from the Scottish Episcopal Church.

The first edition was distributed by e-mail earlier today. If you want to receive a copy, then you need to sign up at

If you’ve subscribed already and don’t seem to have a copy, check your spam filters.

Can you pass that news on to anyone whom you think would like to know?

Many thanks


  1. Moyra says

    Have subscribed, and received my copy, thank you.

  2. Didn’t get mine 🙁

  3. Thanks for letting me know Kenny. Have you checked your spam box?

  4. Muriel Draper says

    I have checked my in box and the trash and spam folders but there is nothing there to inspire me…. No problem -I can wait.

  5. Irene says

    I received my copy earlier today, thank you.

  6. Muriel, I think you signed up after the first edition had been sent out. It’ll be another month until it sends you something else. Meantime, I’ll forward you a copy.

  7. Muriel Draper says

    Thank you, Provost, that was kind of you.

  8. Many thanks Kelvin – have subscribed!

  9. Nothing in spam box. Feelin’ left oot!

  10. I’d be grateful if you could forward a copy to me too, Fr. I have obviously subscribed too late as well!

  11. Andrew says

    (Feb 4th) Have just subscribed. Would be grateful if you could send me a copy too. Thanks, Andrew

  12. Robin says

    Subscribed ages ago and got nothing! I’ll stick to trying to get hold of it in hard copy.

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