Thank you for the votes

My thanks to everyone who voted for this blog in the ScotBlogs awards. Apparently, I came in the top 10 in the readers nominations. (Where in the top 10, I don’t know). However, the competition was constructed around readers votes and the votes of a panel. It seems a bit like the Episcopal election – you have to come out on top in two different houses to get anywhere. So, lots of readers voted for me but apparently none of the panelists did. I did come away with an highly honourable mention on the Readers’ Choice page.

Thanks to all who voted, and thanks to Duncan Steven who organised it. I’m gateful as ever to all those who read, those who take up conversation across other blogs and above all to those who comment and make the whole business of keeping this blog so interesting. I’ve not been doing this for quite as long as AKMA (I started in 2003, he was at it more than a year before I was). Its still something I enjoy and it is you my dear readers and interlocutors who make it all worth while.


  1. My reading Kelvin gave you a very respectable 15th place!

  2. Kelvin Holdsworth – THE PEOPLES’ CHOICE.

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