Want to know what General Synod is like?

Well, here is a wordle made up from last year’s Synod Minutes. (Well, the draft copy, anyway). It is entirely unscientific, but it is interesting to look at how the words relate.

Word size implies frequency of use. Now, what does this tell us about our church?


  1. God’s not exactly up there, is s/he?

  2. Zebadee says

    Rev Ruth–You are correct,as ususal

  3. David | Dah•veed says

    That we use a lot of jargon or code that only insiders would understand?

  4. Elizabeth says

    Ah wordle, the joys are endless! I can’t wait until I get to wordle my thesis.

  5. ChickPea says

    Love, care, concern, listening, understanding and prayer also seem conspicuous by absence……..

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