What’s the Scottish Episcopal Church is talking about?

I did a wordle of the most recent issue of inspires, the Scottish Episcopal Church’s magazine to compare what we are talking about in the magazine with what we are talking about in synod.

Quite interesting, no?


  1. I like the idea of a “God’s Fairtrade Synod”.

  2. Elizabeth says

    Very interesting indeed. One commonality appears to be ‘Scottish Episcopal Church’ (although with varying emphasis) so at least there is a commonality in what (and where) we are, if not what we’re doing? Which I suppose begs the question of the relationship between action and identity.

  3. Rosemary Hannah says

    I was feeling very thankful that not only did God get a bigger mench, but both Jesus and Christ crept in.

  4. brad evans says

    You’re about as relevant as curling or lawn bowling. The smallest of the three main churches in an increasingly secular country of just over five million? That’s important to the rest of us-how?

  5. Thanks for the comment brad.

    I can’t speak for lawn bowling, but unless I’m mistaken, curling has been headline news in the last week and the reporting of bonspiel issue a few weeks ago did rather grab the national mood all of a sudden.

    As to whether the third largest of the churches in Scotland is relevant in Scottish society is something that you are better placed to comment on than I am. I do know though that the idea that church people are left isolated because of growing secularism is all too easy an argument. After all, people like me want to live in a secular society, campaign for secular values and would be appalled at the idea of a Scotland run by those with the narrowest religious views. I thank God for the growing secular nature of society in this country.

    I’m interested too brad in what it is that you’d like the churches to be saying to Scottish society at the moment. Although religious leaders sometimes misuse their influence, some of that influence still remains. Its still relatively easy for religious views to be taken seriously by the media, as we’ve seen this morning in Cardinal Keith Patrick O’Brian’s ghastly interview on Radio Scotland. When they get the microphone put in front of them, what would you like religious people to say?

  6. I’m intrigued to know who Jeremy is, and his significance.

  7. Jeremy is the new Provost of St Paul’s Cathedral, Dundee.

  8. Ah, the lovely Jeremy…

  9. Christina says

    What is “fi” and why does it feature so prominently?

    At least it broke out of the Central Belt and got as far north as Dundee, and south to Galloway this time.

  10. Rosemary Hannah says

    Missed the Cardinal – link?

  11. I’m not sure what fi is.

    Something that giants shout when they are chasing Jack, I think.

  12. Thanks for the link to the interview on GMS.

    Why do they get such an eejit who clearly represents such a minority view, to speak for the whole Scottish Christian community?

  13. Gilly says

    “Creation” is very small – does that mean Piskies are all into intelligent design?

  14. Rosemary Hannah says

    Oh ‘eck. Anybody would think Jesus had spent his time on about the wonders of marriage – when as far as I can see he was somewhat negative about families in general (and his own in particular….)

  15. >>“Creation” is very small – does that mean Piskies are all into intelligent design?

    Surely most of us sensibly accept evolution? Creationism (including unintelligent design) tends to be the preserve of fundamentalist. Slightly surprised (and disappointed) that ‘inclusive’ isn’t up there. And ‘Rev’ but no ‘Fr’? Hmm

  16. Gilly says

    Ryan “Surely most of us sensibly accept evolution?” Me, yes. The entire SEC, not sure.

  17. However, Glasgow is quite the most prominent location. Godzone city, perhaps?

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