Papal visit

You know, I’m just not meeting anyone who thinks the pope’s visit later this year is a good idea.

In fact, I keep meeting people who think its not a good idea and expressing the view that they would prefer it if he wasn’t coming.

I’m not talking the Orange Order or the usual suspects either.

Just saying.


  1. I agree. I object mostly to the fact that my taxes are going to be funding it. If it was paid for by the church, it would be a different matter.

    I wonder if the news today, and the Vatican’s reaction to it (ie it was all the media’s fault, nowt to do with us) will have any impact on the visit.

  2. it’s getting to be a worse idea every day

  3. I agree. I think the sensible reaction to the visit would be that it should be ignored by everybody, including the RC faithful. If only small numbers turned up, it would be a fairly eloquent comment on the prevarications that have come to light in the unfairly-maligned media.

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