Changes to Easter Calculation

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It has been announced that the Scottish Episcopal Church will begin moving over to the new method for calculating the date of Easter from April 2012. After this time, the date will be calculated according to a new algorithm which is aligned with modern astronomical measurements rather than the older means of calculation which has become out of date.

Concerns had been expressed that the new method would mean that the Scottish Episcopal Church would always keep Easter on a different date to the Church of England. This has been resolved by using the New Revised Algorithm which will mean that Easter will be kept on the same day as the Church of England on alternate years. On other years, the date of Easter will be aligned with the Episcopal Church in the USA.

It is expected that some congregations will remain with the old method of calculation for a few years. The College of Bishops has indicated that it will issue a moratorium against the use of the old algorithm and the old calendar on 1 April 2020.


  1. David Bayne says

    Presumably we can expect in due course a Provincial Outing (steady!) to Whitby…….. Fish and chips for tea, and a nice schism for afters.

  2. Yes, and new haircuts for those who don’t have the correct tonsure.

  3. Peter says

    A useful moratorium at last!

  4. office manager says

    And a Happy April 1st to you, too!!

  5. Aaron says

    If I didn’t have a calendar next to my computer, I’d have been worried…

  6. David | Dah•veed says

    Father Bosco in New Zealand started the day for us all with an elaborate post on Benedict XVI becoming ABC for a day as part of his trip to the UK.

  7. Fantastic! Had me going, just for a moment!!!…

  8. Patricia says

    Phew! Too much like an April Fool not to have been spotted. But, can you imagine what the Letters to the Editor of our parish magazine would have read like, if I had put it in?

  9. It sounded frighteningly plausible!

  10. Excellent, I thought, perhaps two Easter weekend holidays now! A bit like friends of ours who are Jewish but enjoy having the Easter weekend off too!….slightly ironic, that!


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