Kenneth McKellar RIP

First the news of Malcolm McLaren’s death and now Kenneth McKellar too. (What an unusual little queue outside the pearly gates this Easter week).

Here is Kenneth McK singing his Eurovision entry in 1966.


  1. Rosemary Hannah says

    It was a quantum leap to Sandie Shaw the next year. Gosh – you live through those times and just take it for granted.

  2. I’ve heard a recording of him singing a Handel aria and it was fabulous. a seriously beautiful voice.

  3. Yes, he was in the Carl Rosa Opera Company.

  4. muriel draper says

    As a very young journalist in Aberdeen I was sent off by my features editor to interview Kenneth McKellar in a posh hotel. We had afternoon tea together. He was very friendly and chatty and we got on just fine. He was the first celebrity I had ever interviewed so I was very lucky that he put me immediately at my ease. That started me on a regular column – in those days Aberdeen attracted plenty of interesting people associated with music and drama so I was never stuck for someone to interview.

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