What, no blogging?

Sorry I’ve not been keeping up this week. It was off to the North West of England for me to got to the Deans’ Conference. (Cathedral Provosts are called Deans in Englandshire, Diocesan Deans are called Archdeacons).

Its the third one I’ve been to and this time it was the easiest to get to, fortunately. Most of the conference was in Manchester, but with one day in Blackburn. Very successful it was too. The theme this year was all about Urban Regeneration and how the church (and particularly cathedrals) might relate to that.

It was a very successful conference. I was somewhat relieved at the end of it to have just three hours or so on the train. Others were booked on flights and I suspect they had a long day ahead.


  1. David | Dah•veed says

    Others were booked on flights and I suspect they had a long day ahead.

    If the news I have seen is correct, they are also now on trains! Or, God forbid, long haul buses!!

    I am glad you enjoyed your time and found it profitable.

    I love to ride the train. (Deathly afraid of airplanes.) I hope that by time I get to ride a train again for a longish journey to have an iPad to enjoy the time.

  2. With the meeting in Manchester I am amazed that any of the Deans had considered flying to/from Manchester. It is well connected by train across most of the UK and is it a nice journey back to Glasgow through Cumbria and the Scottish Lowlands.

    Were many other Scottish colleagues (Provosts) at the conference giving the Scottish viewpoint?

  3. Well Stewart, one of the other people at the Deans’ Conference was from Ireland, and it does not seem unreasonable to fly from there.

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