Register to Vote (Deadline TODAY!)

Today is the last day to register to vote in the Upcoming General Election. I recorded an interview with the Beeb last week in which I said I never tell people how to vote, but I do encourage people to make sure that they do vote. If people like us don’t vote, other people will! People who don’t vote don’t get the privilege of moaning about the result in my book, either.

(That interview was for this week’s upcoming Sunday programme on Radio 4, BTW)

Anyway, anyone who is not registered to vote but who can be registered can do so today, and you can find out more on the About My Vote website.


  1. As an oldie and a veteran of many elections (including one where I suspect I was impersonated), I’m deeply impressed by the fact that so many younger people have apparently registered in the last couple of weeks. Here’s hoping that that might mean a breath of fresh air in our tired politics.

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